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The Cryptic Cube provides an entertainment experience by creating and monitoring escape rooms. All rooms are meant to provide engaging puzzles and riddles to get people’s minds thinking. By using inductive reasoning skills teams will have to work together to escape the room. Each session will take 60 minutes as teams are racing against the clock to see if they have what it takes to solve all the problems that will be given to them.

Pirate Mutiny

Book a pirate mutiny escape room adventure! Prepare to sail into an adventure! you and your crew are feeling a little greedy. You heard that the captain has been keeping some treasure to himself and not sharing. You band together and have an hour to steal the precious booty, or else you walk the plank!


Western Adventure 

This adventure takes place in the small town of Bleakwater a normally peaceful western town. But there has been news of a thief/murderer in the town. you are scared for your own safety and do your own investigating. You have 60 minutes to do your own investigating or else you could be next!